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States with the most itemizing taxpayers

Most U.S. taxpayers claim the standard deduction. The figure holds around 70 percent who simply fill in the set amount for their filing status each year.

But it's a good bet that many of the taxpayers who are finally getting around to filling out their 1040 today, the final deadline for tax return extensions, also are completing Schedule A.

So where do most of the taxpayers who itemize live?

Glad you asked. And very glad that the Tax Foundation has the answer in a nifty map format:

Itemizing taxpayers by state_2009_Tax FoundationClick image for a larger map.

My former home of Maryland is home to the most itemizers. We contributed to that number when we lived there.

The rest of the top five are Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts.

Which state is home to the fewest number of residents who itemize their deductions? West Virginia.

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