25 years of tax reform. More on the way?
IRS budget cuts could cost U.S. $4 billion a year, increase the federal deficit

Last week at my other tax blog: Future of ND property taxes; Flat tax flurry

Politicians at all levels of government are working, or at least making campaign promises, to give taxpayers what they think they want.

Bankrate Taxes Blog iconOn the state and more local level there's a proposal to do away with property taxes. And at the federal level, Republican presidential hopefuls are talking up flat taxes.

Both these topics got closer looks last week at my other tax blog.

In North Dakota, voters could decide next summer whether they want to abolish property taxes. If voters say so, North Dakota would be the only state in the nation to abolish real estate taxes.

Meanwhile, most White House wannabes aren't talking yet about doing away with federal taxes, but a couple are talking up flat tax proposals. The problem is that despite the immediate appeal, flat tax plans tend to lose some luster when taxpayers take a longer look at them.

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