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Last week at my other tax blog: Beware tax scams; Be leery of 9-9-9 tax plan

You'd think because it's October, taxes wouldn't be so hot. You'd think wrong.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Not only is Monday, Oct. 17, the final deadline this year for folks who got an extension to file their returns, but politicians also are talking tax reform and criminals are still using taxes to steal your identity and money.

So last week at my other tax blog. I looked at two of these three topics.

Tuesday's blog item was a reminder that while the high tax season of January to April is prime tax scam time, tax con artists work all year round.

These crooks use our fear of the IRS as well as our desire to get as big a refund as possible in their scams. Recently, tax scammers have been incorporating references to real tax notices into their fake emails. Don't fall for them. The IRS doesn't initiate contact with taxpayers via email.

Meanwhile, the race for the Republican presidential nomination has been heating up. Herman Cain has pulled ahead in some polls, in part because of his 9-9-9 tax plan.

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO's proposal to scrap the current tax code and go to a 9 percent flat income tax rate for individuals and corporations as well as a 9 percent national sales tax has sparked a lot of interest.

But as I note, when the new wears off and people look closely at Cain's very vague proposal, the excitement should fade.

As for Monday's filing deadline, you can check out tax tips in my Countdown to Oct. 17 series here on the ol' blog, as well as at Bankrate's Tax Kit for October Filers.

And you can check out my new posts each Tuesday and Thursday at Bankrate Taxes Blog. If you happen to miss them there, no worries. You can find a wrap-up here each Saturday.

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