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Last week at my other tax blog: CEO pay bests IRS payments; Disaster deductions

The Plutus Awards 2011

PlutusAwards-finalist1 What a nice way to start a holiday weekend. The second annual Plutus Awards finalists have been announced and the ol' blog made the list again this year.

Don't Mess With Taxes is tapped as one of four Best Tax Blogs. I'm thrilled to be on the ballot with CafeTax, JoeTaxpayer and TaxProf.

We're part of the The Plutus Awards for financial blogs that aren't affiliated with mainstream media and commercial financial products.

And as the word ballot indicates, there is a vote involved. If you're so inclined, click on open and pick your favorites, not only in the tax area, but for a wide variety of financial blogs.

There are a lot of categories and nominees; the tax section is three pages in. But dont stop there. I encourage you to check out all the nominated blogs and vote for those you enjoy reading and find useful.

Thanks to Flexo at Consumerism Commentary for undertaking this big, in every sense of the word, task.

And many, many thanks to all y'all wonderful tax geeks who nominated me and keep coming back.

Historical fiscal note: Just in case you were wondering (and I know you were!), the award gets its name from the Greek god of wealth.


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