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Tax moves to make in September 2011

How did this happen again?! Summer is gone, at least according to the daily tasks that most of us face. Kids are back in school. No more long vacation trips. Yes, September is here.

September_tax_moves_160 Sorry that it's back to the grind, for you and your families. And I hate to add one more thing to your already overflowing to-do list, but

That's right. There are some tax tasks you need to think about.

It's time to get your home in shape for the coming colder weather. Home energy improvement tax credits are smaller this year, maxing out at $500, but that's still a help. Other residential upgrades will help make your place more livable now and ensure a good tax break when you sell.

Work related tax considerations include evaluating your withholding and taking full advantage of your medical spending account.

And about those kids in elementary school classrooms, they'll be thinking about college before you know it. You need to start saving now so you can afford to send them to the university you want them to attend. The tax code can help.

Those are just a few of the tax moves you should look into that could help reduce what you owe the Internal Revenue Service bill when you file your 1040 next year.

Check out the complete list in the September Tax Moves detailed over in the ol' blog's left column. Just scroll down a bit and voilà! You've got lots of other tax-savings suggestions to keep you busy this month.

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