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Sales tax holiday_Iowa Oh my gosh! It's the middle of the afternoon and I've yet to go out and cash in on my sales tax savings! Thank goodness I have the rest of the weekend.

Yep, Texas is finally holding its annual back-to-school sales tax holiday. But we're not the last of the tax-saving shopping states.

That honor belongs to Connecticut, which beginning Sunday will offer its residents a week of no sales taxes.

Of course, there are limits.

The Texas tax holiday, which started today, Friday, Aug. 19, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 21, applies to:

  • Certain clothing and footwear that costs less than $100;
  • Backpacks (for kids only; sorry REI shoppers) priced at less than $100; and, of course,
  • School supplies selling for less than $100.

In Connecticut the price cut-off is $300 on clothing and shoes purchased between Sunday, Aug. 21, and Saturday, Aug. 27.

Be sure to check each state's rules on the tax-free items before you head out to the mall. Some things you might think aren't taxed could be.

Here in the football crazy Lone Star State, for example, gridiron jerseys are tax-free, but football pants are not. That could make for some interesting uniform choices.

The states' tax departments also provide details on Internet and catalog sales, as well as layaway purchases and rain checks.

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