Texas strip club 'pole tax' gets court OK
Form 4684, a disaster victim's best friend

Last week at my other tax blog: Educational tax breaks; Everybody avoids taxes; Disclosing foreign accounts

What a crazy busy time last week at my other tax blog! You'd a-thought a tax hurricane was blowing in alongside insistent Irene.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon It all started with schools welcoming back kids. That means parents are now dealing with education expenses. But there are some tax breaks that can help cover classroom costs.

Then on Thursday, I just had had to address the tax storm brewing because bored politicians decided to start ranting about who is and isn't paying taxes. Guess what? Everyone avoids taxes.

And speaking of trying to get away without paying Uncles Sam, on Friday I posted a couple of extra items on Bankrate.com last week dealing with the latest offshore account amnesty.

Actually (and despite the headline), it's not an amnesty, as noted in Foreign tax amnesty ends Aug. 31.

Then a couple of hours after that post went live, the IRS decided Hurricane Irene might cause some tax-filing trouble, so the agency pushed the deadline for the offshore voluntary disclosure initiative, or OVDI, to Sept. 9.

Whew! I don't know about y'all, but I am glad last week is behind us.

But taxes don't stop, so I'll be blogging again at my Bankrate Taxes Blog, this coming Tuesday and Thursday. Check it out or, if you get sidetracked by storm cleanup, you always can find a wrap-up here next Saturday.

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