Tax moves to make in August 2011
Some airlines to issue ticket tax refunds as aviation taxes in limbo until Congress returns from recess

Tax Carnival #89: Dog Days

Basset with fan How's your summer going? Here in Central Texas, the dog days have definitely arrived and yes, I know I referenced this climatological and astronomical seasonal occurrence earlier today.

Sorry, but it's hard to think of other topics when it's so hot, hot, hot.

Too hot to do much of anything … except hold a Tax Carnival!

So we welcome the smoking hot Tax Carnival #89: Dog Days edition. The pack is in no particular order, but all of this month's contributors are on the hunt for tax tips, news and even some commentary.

So let's loose the hounds of tax.

Bob has the recently concluded debt ceiling debate was in mind, wondering "isn't it inevitable that taxes will have to be raised to pay for our trillions of dollars of debt?" He examines that possibility in Can the US solve it's debt problems? It's posted at ChristianPF.

Chihuahua John considers another kind of debt in Paying Taxes on Debt? You Have Got to Be Kidding Me, posted at Wallet Blog.

Bob looks at California's New Anti-Affiliate "Amazon Tax" Law, posted at Blogging Your Passion.

Eric J. Nisall has a definite warning in Payroll Taxes And Sales Taxes Better Be Paid Or It's Your Ass, posted at DollarVersity.

Edward Webber looks at The Top 5 Things to Consider When Becoming Self Employed, and yes, taxes make the list. Details are at Being Self Employed Blog.

Richard Walker has some advice for U.K. taxpayers in Tax Codes and Your State Pension, posted at Tax Codes.

Peter J Reilly discusses the intricacies of a U.S. Tax Court case where a Big Brother Gets Little Sister as Dependent. It's posted at Passive Activities.

Lubna brings us a foreign tax report, noting that the Authority for Advance Ruling recently held that while an Indian company was the economic employer in relation to employees seconded to it, by the U.S. affiliate, there would be an income that would arise in the hands of such US affiliate, subject to tax as per the Article relating to Fees for Included Services in the India-US DTAA. She examines the situation in Law Street in The Economic Times (29 July, 2011), posted at Talking Tax.

Bulldog Steve reminds us that high income earners have the option to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth in Roth IRA Return - Advice For Consumers, posted at 2010Taxes.

Outlaw shares his retirement account experience in Can You Contribute to a Roth IRA and a 401K? Find out at Outlaw Finance.

Jacob asks a question most of us want to answer: What Would I Do If I Inherited One Million Dollars? His choices, inlcuded paying taxes, are posted at My Personal Finance Journey. asks Can the IRS Find My Real Estate, Bank Accounts & Other Property? The answer is posted at Back Taxes Help Tax Blog.

Personal Cents tells us about 5 Taxable Items (you might not know they?re taxable!). The list is posted at Personal Cents.

Money Thinking presents Ramblings on Gas Taxes, posted at Money Thinking

Sheltie Mike Piper has a query a lot of heirs share: What's My Cost Basis for Inherited Property? Details are posted at Oblivious Investor.

Ken presents 9 Ways To Avoid the Early Withdrawal Penalty From a Traditional IRA, posted at Spruce Up Your Finances.

John Craver has yet more news for our international readers in Claiming Back Emergency Tax, posted at EmergencyTax.Org.

David Charles also has other locales on the brain in Which Countries Pay The Highest Taxes, posted at TaxFix Blog.

Finally, we close with a challenge to the way we've been doing our taxes.

Robert D Flach isn't mincing words. He demands BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE US TAX CODE! The delivery can be made at his blog THE WANDERING TAX PRO.

1040 icon_square And with that, we wrap the August Dog Days edition of the Tax Carnival.

The 90th Carnival of Taxes will be posted Monday, Sept. 5. Be a part of the upcoming Labor Day tax collection by sending a tax post (and tax-only items please; check out the guidelines for submission details) via the Blog Carnival page. If you have problems with the official form, you send your tax post's link to me at Twitter (I'm @taxtweet) or via email to taxcarnival@gmail.

Dog images (other than basset with fan) courtesy of American Kennel Club

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