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Tax issues for the unemployed

Minnesota is back

After an almost three-week shutdown, the state of Minnesota is getting back on track.

Thanks to some fiscal maneuvering, the Republican legislature agreed on a two-year, $35.7 budget in the early morning hours of today.

Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, signed the bill into law a few hours later.

Now come the next difficult, and slow, steps.

Rest stops and parks must be cleaned before they can reopen.

Construction equipment must be returned to work sites.

State workers will have to sort through backlogged hunting and fishing license applications.

But soon, things will be back, including the state lottery.

Minnesota lottery tweet

And beer drinkers will finally be able to enjoy on their favorite brews.

Now if Washington, D.C., can just get its act together so the United States doesn't follow Minnesota's lead exactly.

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