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Last week at my other tax blog: Mileage rates hiked; Tax trouble for IRS staff

Last week was a good news, bad news one at the Internal Revenue Service.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Some of the news discussed last week at my other tax blog was good for taxpayers. But some of the news was bad for the IRS itself.

Since I'm glass half full kind of gal, let's begin with the news that a lot of motorists welcomed.

The IRS, after originally saying it wouldn't fiddle with this year's optional standard mileage deduction levels, decided to increase the rates after all. That means that drivers who hit the road for business and medical travel or who move will get the benefit of larger mileage deductions for the last half of 2011.

Now for the bad news issued to the IRS by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration: Uncle Sam isn't doing enough to track down tax-collecting employees who aren't paying their taxes.

TIGTA didn't find a whole lot of tax cheating IRS workers, but even a few is a major public relations problem.

"The IRS risks an erosion of public confidence in the American voluntary tax system if it does not appropriately address employees who are not complying with their tax obligations," TIGTA said in its report.

If you need a tax break this holiday weekend, check out those items over at my Bankrate Taxes Blog.

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