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Tax expatriates trend growing

Tax forms due today from estimated tax filers and residents living abroad

Most taxpayers wrapped up their 2010 tax duties in April.

But today, June 15, is the filing deadline for payers of estimated taxes. The second payment for the 2011 tax year is due today.

Estimated tax voucher 2 (2)

It's also the deadline for some taxpayers who automatically were granted two more months to finish filling out their tax returns: U.S. citizens or resident aliens who are living and working outside the country, as well as for members of the military who are posted abroad.

These folks still had to pay any due tax back in April. But they didn't have to send in the corresponding paperwork until now.

Most taxpayers abroad can use IRS Free File to prepare and electronically prepare their returns and file at no cost as long as their adjusted gross income last year was $58,000 or less. Five companies can handle returns filed from foreign addresses.

If you're one of those who must file your 1040 by today but just can't finish it, you can now file Form 4868 to get an extension and join me and a couple million others in resetting our paperwork due date to Oct. 17.

Taxpayers abroad, regardless of income, also can use Free File to request a tax-filing extension.

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