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Tax moves to make in June 2011

Summer is here, but there's no vacation from taxes.

Sure, you don't have to worry about 1040 specifics, unless you got an extension and still haven't filed your 2010 return (guilty!). Remember, we tax procrastinators still can rely on the Daily Tax Tips that I published through April 18 to help fill out our forms by Oct. 17.

June_Tax_Moves_160 But we also need to be thinking about our 2011 taxes and what we can do now to make sure we pay as little as possible.

You can find some tax-saving strategies here on the ol' blog. I don't mean just my daily posts, but in the June Tax Moves listed in the left column.

Just scroll down a bit and you'll find such tax suggestions (and links for more information) on hurricane season preparedness, home energy upgrades and an estimated tax filing reminder.

There are even a couple of family-related tax moves, like the one for couples who have June weddings on their calendars, as well as some tax thoughts for folks who will celebrate Father's Day with an aging dad.

As the month goes on, I'll elaborate on some of these tax considerations. But you can get a preview today in the full list of June Tax Moves and then come back periodically to check it out at your leisure through the 30th.

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