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Tax books, disaster preparedness fill up this week's Follow-up Friday

Welcome to the second edition of Follow-up Friday. You might recall that last week about this time I launched the new feature in which I'll provide updates on previous blog post topics.

Books are the main focus this week.

Innocent-Spouse_book-cover The memoir "Innocent Spouse" looks at the titular tax issue that's gotten a lot of recent attention, including in my May 2 post on innocent spouse tax time limit concerns.

After author Carol Ross Joynt lost her husband, she discovered she was on the hook for his tax problem. Her late husband was under criminal investigation by the IRS to the tune of $3 million.

The Tax Lawyer blog says the book "does a great job of highlighting a huge tax problem and is entertaining to boot." You also can read more about "Innocent Spouse" from Tax Update Blog, TaxProf Blog and Tax Lawyer's Blog.

Tax book, take two: On a more personal literary note, I have to sing the praises of the hubby. This week he surprised me with a copy of "The Pale King," David Foster Wallace's posthumous novel set in a Midwest IRS office.

He's definitely not a tax geek, but he supports -- and even encourages -- my tax code/policy fixation, although I suspect it's partly from a misplaced belief that it might enable me to make enough to support us both, allowing him to retire early.

Despite that financial fantasy, the hubby wins high spousal points because (1) he got me gift for no special reason and (2) he knew about my interest in the book because he reads the ol' blog and had seen my post about it back in early April.

Preparing for any disaster, including zombies: This past week, deadly weather again raked parts of the United States.

CDC_zombies_disasters On June 1, the day that the Atlantic hurricane season began, tornadoes struck New England.

Mother Nature's continuing mean streak highlights the need for disaster preparedness, both to get ready for the actual storms and for their financial and tax aftermaths.

Such planning was this week's Weekly Tax Tip.

But I also want on the Follow-up Friday to give the Centers for Disease Control kudos for its creative approach to getting ready for the zombie apocalypse and other more likely catastrophes.

It's nice to see the Atlanta-based federal agency wasn't too ticked off about having its headquarters destroyed in an episode of the AMC television show The Walking Dead.

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