NYC bagel maker who had payroll tax run-in is closing iconic store
Golfer Goosen, tax guinea pig

France abandons effort to tax Google

Last year France began exploring ways to tax Google and other big online advertising companies. That effort is now dead.

Follow-up friday icon The New York Times reported last week that French President Nicolas Sarkozy's party has withdrawn legislation seeking to impose a 1 percent tax on online advertising expenditures in the country.

The measure had been introduced because of concerns that foreign Internet companies pay little or no tax on their earnings in France.

Although the proposal had been dubbed the Google tax, it actually would have had little effect on the company because it sells advertising aimed at French users through its subsidiary in Ireland, where tax rates are lower.

A full Follow-up Friday: It's been a busy week of new information related to previous posts, so instead of crowding them all into one item, I'm posting several Follow-up Friday pieces.

Next up, professional golfer Retief Goosen as tax guinea pig.

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