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A tax toast for craft beer

Last week at my other tax blog:
Refund tracking; auditing the rich

Last week marked one month since the April 2011 tax-filing deadline.

That's why one of the posts at my other tax blog last week was how to track down your IRS refund. The IRS offers you refund tracking tools at its website with the Where's My Refund? search tool, as well as via your smart phone with its IRS2Go app.

Tax refund tracking was my Tuesday, May 17, topic. On Thursday, May 19, on my other blog I looked at tax audits.

Specifically, I discussed some questions being asked about the effectiveness of a special IRS group tasked with auditing America's richest taxpayers.

It appears that these IRS auditors haven't looked at many returns over the last year and a half.

If you missed these posts when they appeared on Bankrate last week, feel free to check them out now.

I'll be back there this coming Tuesday and Thursday. And I'll be back here next Saturday with another edition of "Last week at my other tax blog."

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I wish we could ger back at the person who invented money it is a terrible way to run a country.

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