Some retirement distributions due today
Texas has the most tax-procrastinating cities in the U.S.; Houston is #1

Tax moves to make in April 2011

April is finally here. In just 17 more days most taxpayers will have completed their 2010 tax-filing tasks.

April_tax_moves_160 For those of you who filed earlier, go ahead and be smug. You're entitled. But don't forget about 2011 tax strategies that can help you keep this year's tax bill small.

And for those of you still dreading April 18, I'm right there with you. I've yet to file our tax return, so I know exactly how you feel.

In addition to lending my moral support, I've put together a list of tax moves you still can make in the next few days to ensure that you get your filing done on time, or at least get an extension.

Did you contribute the maximum to your IRA last year? If not, you can do so through the 18th. If you did, then you can put money into your retirement account for the 2011 tax year.

And if you file estimated taxes, don't forget that the first 1040-ES for the 2011 tax year also is due on April 18.

Those are just a couple of the 2010 and 2011 tax issues you need to think about this month. So take a few minutes to check out the full list of April Tax Moves over there in the ol' blog's left column.

Just scroll down a bit and look for the red lettering under the tax filing deadline countdown clock.

The Daily Tax Tip offers even more tax saving and tax planning ideas. It's up there in the upper right corner of the home page. As the name says, a new tip will be posted each day through April 18. After that, the tips will appear in the same spot weekly.

If you happen to miss a tip, no worries. You can find them collected on special blog pages, one for each month's tips. We're just getting started with April's tips, but you can check out all of January's, February's and March's tips, too.

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I was able to get my takes out of the way an entire month early this year. I've actually already received my refund.

If you sign up for direct deposit when you e-file, you can get your money back within 2 weeks or so. I was actually really impressed with how fast the process went.

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