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Old tax breaks don't die

Tax moves to make in March 2011

Welcome to March. It's the month that brings us spring and gets us to the doorstep of our annual federal tax filing.

March_tax_moves_160 That's right, we're just about six weeks away from the April 18 IRS deadline. But the 31 days of March leave us plenty of time to make tax moves.

It's time to gather up all your documents so your filing will be as easy -- and as accurate -- as possible.

Take a look at your tax form to see what tax breaks are available to you this year. Did you make some energy improvements to your home in 2010? Maybe you donated cash or household goods to a local charity. You'll need that information to finish your 1040.

Those are just a couple of the 2010 tax issues you need to think about now, not on April 17. So take a few minutes to check out the full list of March Tax Moves over there in the ol' blog's left column.

Just scroll down a bit and look for the red lettering under the tax filing deadline countdown clock.

The list of tax moves also includes some ideas to consider that could save you money on your 2011 tax bill.

And the Daily Tax Tip offers even more tax saving and tax planning ideas. It's up there in the upper right corner of the page through April 18.

If you happen to miss a tip, no worries. You can find them collected on special blog pages, one for each month's tips. We're just getting started with March's tips, but you can check out all of January's and February tips.

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