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Tax Carnival #83: March Tax Madness

It's a crazy fun time for college basketball fans. Why shouldn't tax folks enjoy the same thrills?

We can!

We started the Big Dance with the tax code tournament. And now we have Tax Carnival #83: March Tax Madness.

There's no big trophy for just one champion. Instead we have lots of tax tip scoring and everybody makes it through filing season a winner.

Enough pregame preblog warm-up. To the Tax Carnival!

Basketball tip off Tax tip off
We start with an impending filing issue.

Wendy Litten says if you can't make the March 15 corporation filing deadline, here are tips for Late Filing Your S-Corp Election. It's posted at Tax Problem Solver. presents IRS Eases Up on Taxpayers Who Owe Taxes or Back Taxes, posted at Back Taxes Help.

Tax Debt Help presents Unclaimed Federal Tax Refunds Total More Than $1 Billion from 2007, posted at Tax Debt Help Blog.

Rosette says inherited IRA rules may not be as simple as those for Roths, but it's important to invest time if you want to get returns out of your inherited account. Details are in Inherited IRA Rules, posted at New IRA Rules.

First half
Neal Frankle notes that you've done some smart financial tax planning and now you want your money. Details on locating it are in "Where is My Tax Refund?" Answered Now, posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

Baskball through net (2) Gavin R. Putland argues that financial stability is ultimately a matter of tax reform, not financial reform in Take the banks' umbrella away. It's posted at On Line Opinion.

FMF says tax software is great for simple returns, but falls way short of the mark if your return is the least bit complicated. Details in Review of Major Tax Software Products Reveals Limits, posted at Free Money Finance.

Big Cajun Man tells Canadian tapxyaers that You Can Call the CRA for Tax Questions. But, he advises, you better be specific about your question. Details are posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog.

JT McGee says the restriction on flexible spending accounts may have been seen as a great way to increase government revenues, but it might pose problems for patients. He elaborates in FSAs & OTC Drugs: Why Your Doctor Won't Have Time to See You in December, posted at MoneyMamba.

Free throws
Craig reminds us that there are many money-saving tax breaks for families. Details are found in IRS Tax Credits and Deductions to Save on Your Taxes if You Have Kids, posted at Free From Broke.

Ball through hoop Kevin says that if you're thinking about paying your taxes with a credit card, that generally is not a good idea. He explains why in Can You Pay Your Taxes With a Credit Card? It's posted at CreditShout.

Michael Pruser also is thinking about family taxes, noting that having kids is certainly expensive, but the government does its best to give you a few breaks when filing with children. Find out more in 10 Tax Benefits for Parents, posted at The Dough Roller.

Brandon Rowe offers Tax Savings Tips, posted at Bromoney Internet Banks.

Money Crashers Admin presents a List of 14 Commonly Overlooked Personal Tax Deductions For Individuals so that we don't end up paying more than we have to. It's posted at Money Crashers.

Suba also has a 2010 Tax deductions – overlooked tax deductions checklist, posted at Wealth Informatics.

Tommy John gets specific with Tax Deductible Expenses for Small Businesses, posted at 2010 Taxes. Remember, says TJ, keep track of your small business deductions throughout the year to make sure you claim everything that you should.

Basketball_in_motion_2 Jeff Rose reminds us that we can correct filing mistakes. He offers tips to do just that in How to File an Amended Tax Return, posted at Good Financial Cents.

Madison DuPaix says if you took advantage of some of great sign-up bonuses offered by College Advantage, you may now be wondering how to handle the taxes. Find out at How Do You Handle College Advantage 529 Plan Taxes? It's posted at My Dollar Plan.

Clariity says filing electronically is easier than you think. Details are at How To File Your Taxes Electronically, posted at Living With Clariity.

Second half
Save Few Bucks says regardless of whether you're getting a refund or owe the IRS, there are Things to remember for the Tax Season, posted at Save Few Bucks.

BasketballHoop (2) BWL takes a look at a not-for-profit that provides free state and federal tax filing to those who earn less than $57,000 each year in File Federal And State Taxes for Free? It's posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Joe Morgan discusses How to Claim the  Making Work Pay Credit on Your Taxes. It's  posted at Simple Debt-Free Finance.

Lubna Kably tells us that tax authorities world over are taking steps to ensure they get their due slice of the tax pie or perhaps much more. India recently tabled its Finance Bill 2011-12 and tightened the disclosure norms for Liaison offices (LOs) operating in India, she says, and the spirit in which this new provision will be implemented needs to be watched in the moths to come. Get details at Law Street - Economic Times (March 2011) - Post budget column on LO, posted at Talking Tax.

Free throws
The Military Wallet notes that you might want to hire a tax professionalif you have a small businsess or complicated tax return. Find out more in Should You Hire a Tax Pro? It's posted at The Military Wallet.

Basketball shooter Jim Yih gives us the scoop on Canada's Marginal Tax vs Average Tax, posted at Retire Happy Blog.

Robert takes a look at how to figure out capital gains distributions from a REIT without waiting for the corrected 1099. Details at REITs and Corrected 1099s, posted at The College Investor.

David de Souza presents our United Kingdom readers with 7 Things You Should Know About Getting A Tax Rebate. It's posted at Tax Return Blog.

Buzzer beater
Robert Moore closes out this game carnival with Not Stressing Out During Tax Time, posted at 2011 Taxes.

What's that? The final horn? Yep, and with that, we finish up Tax Carnival #83: March Tax Madness.

1040 icon_square Thanks for reading and a special thanks to all the contributors. As I noted before tip off, we're all tax winners thanks to your posts.

Tax Carnival #84 will appear in this gym, er, blog, on March 28. Be a part of it by submitting a tax post (and tax-only items please; check the guidelines for details) via the Blog Carnival page.

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