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In January, tax professionals were searching in about equal amounts for business and individual tax terms. That changed in February.

Last month Intuit ProLine Tax Research revealed (thanks to AccountingWEB) that users of Intuit ProLine tax products were decidedly focused on business returns.

"Eligible Small Business" was the most searched for tax topic by a huge margin in February. The dominance of that phrase is clear in the search cloud graphic. The larger the letters, the more searches for the topic.

Intuit ProLine Tax Research tax search cloud February 2011

Next in the searched-for list is "student loan interest," but a couple of other business topics, "bonus depreciation" and "balance the balance sheet," are close behind.

Business tax breaks: "Self employed health insurance" was another business tax term that made the February search list. Really. You can see it just below "student loan interest" if you enlarge the search cloud image.

If you're also looking for info on that tax topic, you can quit searching. The IRS has a special Web page on Health Insurance Tax Breaks for the Self-Employed.

The tax agency also has a section dedicated to provisions in the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. If you want a more condensed version, check out my post on the new small business legislation when it was signed into law last September, as well as this story on tax breaks for small businesses.

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