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Patriots' Day extends Massachusetts, Maine state tax deadline, but not federal tax return due date

By the Numbers: 12
States that don't follow the 4/15 deadline

The annual tax filing deadline is five weeks away. Most taxpayers also have to meet that same timetable for their state tax returns.

12 states with tax due date different from 4-15 But residents of 12 states don't have to worry about double duty on April 15 -- or April 18 this filing season, thanks to the convergence of the usual deadline and a special D.C. holiday -- because their states don't follow the IRS filing due date.

And those tax calendar renegades represent this week's By the Numbers figure, an even dozen.

Of course, folks who live in seven of those 12 states don't have to worry at all about dual deadlines because their states don't levy an income tax. Those lucky taxpayers live in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

I know, I know, these seven states collect other taxes, usually business related, and they do have filing deadlines for them. But most individual taxpayers in the no-income-tax states don't have to worry about these other levies.

And no, I haven't forgotten New Hampshire and Tennessee. There is no tax on wage income in those two states, but they do tax interest and dividend income. And tax officials in those states require residents to submit tax returns reporting those investment earnings by April 15 (again, April 18 this year).

So what are the five states that do tax residents' incomes but don't follow the IRS' mid-April schedule? They are, alphabetically rather than by their independent tax deadlines:

  • Delaware, with tax returns/payments due by April 30. But the tax due date this filing season is May 2 since April 30 is on a Saturday
  • Hawaii, with tax returns/payments due by April 20. Don't be surprised to see the state grant residents extra time because of tsunami damage. Ditto for federal returns from Hawaiians.
  • Iowa, with tax returns/payments due by April 30. But this filing season, the due date is May 2 since April 30 falls on a Saturday. 
  • Louisiana, with taxes tax returns/payments due by May 15. But for 2011, state returns aren't due until May 16 since May 15 is a Sunday.
  • Virginia, with tax returns/payments due by May 1. But this filing season, the due date is May 2 since May 1 is on a Sunday.

If you still need to file your state taxes, note the due date. And check out your state's tax department website for forms, e-filing options and other tax infomation you need to finish your state filing job on time.

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It's good to know the a few of us are getting an extended deadline from the tsunami. I can't imagine the stress of repairing your home, and searching for your paperwork that might've been washed away.

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