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Don't be the tax client from hell

I've posted recently about the importance of selecting the type of tax pro that meets your financial and tax-filing needs.

I've also talked about ways to check out your tax preparer, regardless of which type your choose, to make sure he or she is competent, ethical and will do the job you expect.

But tax filing is a two-way street. Your tax professional depends on your help to file an accurate return and get your the most legitimate tax breaks.

So don't be the tax client from hell.

It is, after all, your taxes that are being filed, not your tax pro's return. A tax preparer can only work tax magic as long as he or she has a client who's a willing assistant.

Answer your tax pro's questions, provide the information he or she seeks and be as available to your tax preparer as you expect him or her to be to you.

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No worries.

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