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Welcome to round two of our tax software giveaway to kick off filing season 2011.

CompleteTax logo_200x100 Yesterday, five readers each won an access code to CompleteTax's Premium MVP online tax preparation program. Now they can each file one free 2010 federal and state tax return preparation and e-filing.

Today, five more folks will get a chance to win a CompleteTax access code.

This time, I'm giving away the software over on Twitter.

Send me, taxtweet, a 140 character or less note including the word CompleteTax. At 4 p.m. Central time I'll collect all the relevant Tweets and randomly choose the five winners.

More ways to win: The nice folks at CCH provided me with 20 CompleteTax access codes. So if you didn't win one Tuesday or miss out today, you'll get more chances.

On Thursday, the contest will move to Facebook.

And Friday, the final five codes will go to the first five folks who e-mail me that morning.

Stay tuned. Details on the Thursday and Friday giveaways will be announced on those days.

Contest housekeeping: You can enter as many times as you want. But so that the tax filing love can be shared, once you win one access code, you're out of the running for another one.

I'll announce the winners' names at the conclusion of each day's contest.

And just so you know, I'm not receiving anything from CCH and/or CompleteTax except the joy of giving away access to tax filing software.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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That's so great! Thanks for giving away tax lot accounting software! :)

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