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Tax tips for 2011

Tax moves to makes in January 2011

Happy New Tax Year! What? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be that loud. I didn't realize you partied so hearty last night.

January_tax_moves_160 I realize you might have a bit of a post-celebration headache (OK, a major headache) right now.

But if you don't start thinking about your taxes soon, you could have a bigger and very expensive tax headache this filing season.

But don't worry. The ol' tax blog has lots of time-tested remedies for your tax pains, starting this very first day of 2011 with the January tax calendar.

You'll find the January Tax Moves details over there in the left column. Just scroll down a bit and look for the red lettering under the tax filing deadline countdown clock.

Some of these tips apply to the 2010 return you'll be filing this year. Others are ways to get a head start on reducing your 2011 tax liability.

Whether you're focusing on tax filing or tax planning, I hope some of them help.

And stick with the ol' blog. Our daily tax tip feature will begin in a few days; you can check out last year's version for an idea of what you'll get.

Now rest up. We've got lots of tax fun ahead of us in 2011!

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