New federal tax refund debit cards for taxpayers without bank accounts
Free File is open for 2011 tax business

E-file, Free File 2011 are now available

It's electronic tax day!

Today, Friday, Jan. 14, 2011, marks the beginning of the annual electronic tax return filing season.

The IRS is now accepting e-filed returns.

Of course, as I mentioned in my tax software contest post earlier today, some folks will have to wait until February to hit the "enter" button on their PCs and send their returns off to Uncle Sam.

Still, most taxpayers will be able to electronically submit their 1040s much sooner.

Today also marks the opening of the electronic door to the IRS' Free File program.

I'll be posting more details on this public-private tax filing endeavor a bit later today, but the key thing to know is that you might be able to prepare your taxes and e-file them at no cost at the official Free File website if your adjusted gross income in 2010 was $58,000 or less.

I just wanted all y'all who have been hovering over your keyboards waiting to get those tax returns in so you can get your refunds ASAP to know that today is the day.

You also might want to check out the ol' blog's Daily Tax Tips list. Tips number 9 and 10 (the latter is featured today in the upper right corner of this page) have more scoop on computer tax preparation software and e-filing options.

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paul palermo

WHERE are the so call FREE tax forms?


JH, if you aren't required by income amount to file and haven't had any withholding taken out of the payments you receive, they you probably shouldn't file. The primary reason for folks who don't have to file to so do anyway is to get back that payroll (or other) withholding. Just be glad you don't have to hassle and your and your wife enjoy retirement without the IRS! Kay

john hyde

my wife and I are retired. Our income is Social Security and my pension, plus some dividend and interest income. I also take required distributions from my IRA. I know I do not
have to pay taxes, but should I file anyway
thank you. JH


E-files for 2011 already! Thanks for the reminder.

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