Form 1099 repeal fails yet again
Homeowner winners, losers in tax cut bill

Tax cuts bill sails through Senate;
House vote likely Thursday

Continuation of current income tax rates and other tax breaks are a third of the way done.

The Senate has overwhelmingly passed the Obama/GOP tax deal.

The House is expected to vote on the measure Thursday. There will be some political Kabuki, but the bill will be approved as is by the Representatives.

Everyone -- taxpayers, lawmakers, tax professionals, their dogs and families -- is tired of this. That's not necessarily the best way to pass major tax legislation that affects all our lives and the country's economy, but it is what it is.

Then the deal will be sealed with the president's signature.

Is it Christmas break yet?

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Paul Williams

I'll be glad when this is all over, but I fully realize we're going to be going through this mess all over again in two years...sigh.

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