Homeowner winners, losers in tax cut bill
Merry Taxmas! House OKs tax bill

Democrats hold up tax bill consideration

This is a blog, not a wire service. Still, this bit of breaking news is worth sharing: House Democratic leaders pull the tax bill from the House floor.

Actually, what was taken out of consideration was the procedure to debate the actual tax bill.

Basically, right now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't have enough votes to get the bill, which was approved overwhelmingly by the Senate on Wednesday, to the House floor for final debate and vote.

Pelosi knows this because Congress operates under the same rule that lawyers do. Never ask a question that you don't already know the answer to.

Since the Speaker knows she doesn't have support for the bill or the rule to vote on the bill right now, she's not going to risk the embarrassment of that being made official via a vote.

Democratic leaders are still hopeful they can twist some arms change enough minds to get to an actual vote on the tax bill sometime today.

Stay tuned.

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