Tax initiatives on many ballots
Three more likely votes on Capitol Hill
for keeping all of Bush's tax cuts

Tax moves to make in November 2010

Did you survive Election Day 2010? Did you at least survive the post-election parties?

November_tax_moves_160 In case you went to bed early, we now have a new sheriff in town, or at least in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Republicans won enough seats -- some pundits are projecting at least 50 when all the counting is done -- to put Rep. John Boehner of Ohio in charge of the House next session.

Committee leadership also will change. Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, now the ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, will be handling the gavel for the powerful tax-writing panel.

Until then, though, we have to get through the lame-duck session. In the next few weeks, Congress has vowed to deal with the expiring expiring Bush tax cuts, stimulus tax breaks that are only good for a couple more months, the already ended extenders and even the estate tax that's scheduled to come back to life on Jan 1. 2011.

While we wait for that to happen you should check out the November Tax Moves that could help keep your 2010 bill as low as possible. The tips are over there in the left column; just scroll down a bit.

That should keep you occupied while I sort through yesterday's results for a tax-related post-election blog item or two to post later today.

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