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Taxes vert bradley hand 28 pt_left cushion (2) Are you as excited as I am that Congress will be back at work next Monday, Nov. 15? Mark your calendars! Program C-SPAN as one of your TV remote's favorite channels!

Really, Representatives and Senators swear they're going to work during this lame duck session. That, unlike all the other months, they'll actually get some bills to the White House for signature.

However, gridlock is as just as likely.

But, hey, I'm trying to be optimistic because that's just who I am (today, at least). And that roar of laughter you hear across the blogosphere is from the hubby.

Anyway, the House and Senate sure have their work cut out for them on the tax front.

In addition to the daily discussions on the expiring Bush tax cuts and the estate tax, which also is part of Dubya's "it'll be someone else's problem" tax strategy, lawmakers must deal with tax extenders that died at the end of 2009, alternative minimum tax (AMT) implications for millions of middle-class taxpayers and Obama stimulus provisions that end this coming Dec. 31.

Anyone have the over/under on how much gets done by the end of this year and what tax legislation gets left for lawmakers to haggle over in the 112th Congress?

You can read more on these pending tax matters in my Bankrate Taxes Blog post Outlook for lame duck tax laws.

And get ready next week for the start of some real fun on Capitol Hill!

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