Tax agenda for lame duck, and future, sessions of Congress is packed
Crocodile Dundee's tax case goes to court

Colbert: Tax cuts and 'nothingness'

In preparation for next week's return of Congress and the knock-down-drag-out debate over what to do about the expiring Bush tax cuts, check out Stephen Colbert's assessment.

The host of Comedy Central's Colbert Nation sums up the tax cuts and the fight over whether to raise the taxes of those making more than $250,000 in his daily feature The Word.

And that word is "nothingness."

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The Word - Nothingness
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If we tax the rich, says Colbert, we are really taxing the poor because we're all interconnected by an "omnifiscal force."

Essentially, under Colbert's theory, "in the unity of the free market we are all part of one mystical body, just different parts of the same billionaire."

So if we tax the rich are taxing ourselves.

I suspect this comedy bit will make as much, or more, sense than some of the floor speeches we'll hear starting Nov. 15.

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