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Whatever the reason you're looking for something else to do this afternoon, I've got the perfect diversion: Some Saturday afternoon tax-related reading.

The Government Accountability Office, or GAO if you're into acronyms, recently released a couple of new tax studies.

The first, dealing with the tax gap, says the IRS Has Modernized Its Business Nonfiler Program but Could Benefit from More Evaluation and Use of Third-Party Data.

The other GAO report looks at the tax administration issue of how Expanded Information Reporting Could Help IRS Address Compliance Challenges with Forgiven Mortgage Debt.

Then there's the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, or TIGTA, whose investigation found that Toll-Free Telephone Access Exceeded Expectations, but Access for Hearing- and Speech-Impaired Taxpayers Could Be Improved.

Do I know how to spend a weekend, or what?

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