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Obama advisers say 'yes' to all tax cuts

Estate tax overview and tips

Nobody lives forever.

Yeah, I know. That's not the best way to kick off a Monday.

Last-will-testament1 Sometimes, though, you just have to face life head-on and deal with good ol' Ben Franklin's observation that death and taxes are our only certainties.

That means we all, regardless of our financial situations, need to do some estate planning. Bankrate's new estate planning guide can help.

Unfortunately, Congress isn't helping with this task right now. The estate tax is still in limbo. Yes, that link is a shameless plug, taking you to my contribution to the guide.

But as we wait for lawmakers to return to Washington and deal with this (and other up-in-the-air) tax laws, the guide details some other estate planning steps we can take.

You also can check out some of my earlier posts here on the ol' blog (listed below) that offer info on the estate tax and estate planning tips.

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