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Biden indicates willingness to discuss extending tax cuts for the wealthy

Was it just a case of Joe Biden being his old chatterbox self, or is the Obama Administration really considering giving somewhat on tax cuts for the rich?

When the Vice President appeared last week on Bloomberg Television's "Political Capital with Al Hunt," Biden told the host, "We're open to speak to the Republicans, if they really mean it. If they're talking about deficit reduction, if they're willing to move, I think there's a possibility" of extending the tax cuts for households making more than $250,000.

Obama aides quickly downplayed Biden's comments, saying the VP was simply repeating the Administration's official position: Tax cuts must be extended for middle-class households before the Democrats will even talk about continuing them for the wealthy.

Still, as Nov. 2 nears and polls show that the GOP is likely to pick up several seats and possibly take control of the House, extension of all tax cuts, at least for the short term, is starting to look more likely.

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