IRS paid more than $111 million in erroneous stimulus-related tax benefits
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A passel of Halloween pumpkins

If you're a fan of the film Inception, this suggestion on how to celebrate Halloween is for you.

Thanks to Blastr for the intriguingly infuriating way to get in the spooky spirit.

But if you're a more traditional Jack o' Lantern fan, MamaPop has some designs that should appeal to you.

Personally, I found the Justin Bieber pumpkin head from gourd carver, and photographer, extraordinaire Matt McFarland just too terrifying!


So what do pumpkins have to do with taxes?

Now don't go getting picky on me as the Eve of All Saints' Day nears! Just enjoy.

OK. If you must have your tax fix, check out my recent post on the tax-embattled young pumpkin sellers in Idaho. Or this oldie-but-goodie on the squashed Iowa pumpkin tax.

Now I'm off to do some quality assurance tests on our Halloween treats!

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