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Tax time with Sheeba the cat

OK. I really tried to post a serious item today, but I'm having trouble getting some images to upload. I'm thinking (hoping) it's an issue with my blogging platform, since the same thing happens (or rather doesn't happen) on both my laptop and PC, each of which uses a different photo program.

So, after a couple of hours of fighting this losing battle -- and not yet eating anything while I obsessed worked to solve the problem! -- I've decided screw it.

It's the middle of a long holiday weekend. I'm hungry. Football is about to start.

I'm going for the easy way out: YouTube!

Enjoy Sheeba the cat's adventure in tax filing.

Sheeba's tax tasks are not as hilarious as Sylvester's reaction to a new housemate, but Sheeba's tax hook earns top billing. I do have some standards!

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