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Are you ready for Hurricane Earl?

Readers of the ol' blog and residents of U.S. coasts are damn glad that the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season has been slow. That means they haven't had to read my freak-outs about the storms and incessant posts about how to prepare for a hard hit.

Sorry, but once you go through a couple of 'canes, it's hard not to worry about them even when you're well inland.

But now Hurricane Earl is stalking the Eastern Seaboard, poised to brush North Carolina's Outer Banks before skirting New England and eventually making landfall in the Canadian province of News Brunswick or possibly Nova Scotia.


The National Hurricane Center is usually pretty good with its storm track predictions. But I recall last week that all the weather types said Earl would follow Colin and Danielle into the middle of the Atlantic. Wrong!

All it takes is one little weather disturbance and a slight jog westward and things could change again for Earl.

Get ready now:  So if you're anywhere near Hurricane Earl's path, don't get complacent. A storm's effects often are felt many, many miles away as wind, rain and flooding.

Make your hurricane prepartions now, both to protect against physical damages and to safeguard your finances.

And if your government officials say evacuate, do it.

Remember, too, that once the storm passes, if you sustained any damages you might be able to get some help from Uncle Sam.

The tax code provides ways that you can claim casualty losses on your tax return or, in the case of major disasters, file an amneded return and get tax help, and possibly some cash back from the IRS, to start making repairs.

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