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Hot new housing trend: Renting

NPR's Morning Edition had an interesting story yesterday about the hot new personal real estate trend: renting instead of buying.

There are several reasons for the housing change of heart.

Government data show that with so many homes and apartments on the market, rents are relatively low.

Some former homeowners who got stuck with house that fell in value are finding renting more to their liking nowadays.

And even Uncle Sam, which via the tax code and other programs has been a advocate, partner, enabler -- you pick or add your own term -- of the housing industry is starting to see things a bit differently.

A number of Obama Administration officials, says the radio spot, have expressed concern that there was too much of a focus on homeownership in the past. One official told NPR that "rentals are better financial options for many Americans."

It's good to see some folks in Washington finally getting a handle on an issue I blogged about in When renting is the right choice back in 2006.

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