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No Massachusetts 2010 tax holiday…yet

UPDATE 8/4: Details on the upcoming Bay State tax holiday

Sales tax holiday_iowa (2) I'm seeing a lot of folks clicking on prior year blog posts about a sales tax holiday in Massachusetts, so I just wanted to make sure all y'all have the latest information.

Right now, early afternoon on July 29, the Bay State does not have a sales tax holiday officially scheduled for this year.

However, hopes are high among election-conscious lawmakers and retailers seeking anything to attract more customers that the Massachusetts Senate soon will OK a 2010 tax-free event.

The state House already passed a measure calling for a tax holiday in Massachusetts from Aug. 14-15. Gov. Deval Patrick says as soon as the Senate concurs, he'll sign it into law.

So stay tuned. As soon as a 2010 tax holiday is official in Massachusetts, I'll let you know here on the ol' blog.

Meanwhile, you can check out my earlier post Sales tax holidays 2010, which has a table of the 16 other states that do have back-to-school sales tax holidays on tap. Mississippi's begins tomorrow, but most others start on Aug. 6.

You also might be interested in my Bankrate Taxes blog items on Tax holidays popular, but bad policy.

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