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Newlywed tax tips for Bristol and Levi

So Bristol and Levi are finally getting married.  

Yes, that Bristol and Levi, as in Palin and Johnston. The same attractive, young and ostensibly engaged couple we met during the Republican National Convention two years ago when Bristol's mom, then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was introduced (along with her family) to the nation.

Us-weekly-palin-johnston-engagement It's so wonderful to see true love prevail.

Or true media savvy if you're a cynic, since Bristol and Levi's latest engagement was announced not in the Wasilla, Alaska, newspaper but Us Weekly magazine's latest cover story.   

But honestly, I'm trying to suspend my more skeptical side. They have a kid together so I hope for toddler Tripp's sake that his mom and dad can make it to the altar this time and make the marriage work.

It's in that romantic tax geek spirit that as my wedding gift to Bristol and Levi -- who say they're planning an outdoor ceremony in Alaska that will incorporate camouflage -- I offer them some newlywed tax tips over at my Bankrate Taxes Blog.

I wonder if this is enough to get me an invitation to the big event.

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