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A new take on Robin, romance and taxes

I've always loved the Robin Hood legend. The story of a noble individual standing up for the downtrodden brightens my usually dim perspective of humanity.

Add in the tax component -- the official evildoers gave their despicable acts a veneer of authority by characterizing their thievery as a form of government taxation -- and my romantic tax heart leaps!

I'm not, however, a fan of Russell Crowe. So I don't plan on going to his latest movie in which he sort of portrays the outlaw of Sherwood Forest.

But I couldn't resist reading A.O. Scott's review of Robin Hood in the New York Times. Perhaps, I hoped, Scott would be able to convince me to give this film, and Crowe, a chance.

Alas, it is not to be. Thanks to the middling review, I'll pass.

There was, however, one great -- and tax-related -- line in the review that I have to share:

"Robin and Marion engage in a bit of heavy-handed screwball antagonism before the imperatives of tax reform and heterosexuality unite them forever."

Stills from Ridley Scott's Robin Hood

Ah yes, there's nothing like taxes to help us find our soul mates!

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