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IRS Hitman reality (really?) show

I know I should check my e-mail more often, if for nothing else great "what the ..." chuckles like this press release touting a beat-the-IRS "Reality Drama" it says is a cross between "Intervention" and "Extreme Home Make Over."

The hook this time is a "real life Ex- IRS agent, who one day realized he could no longer be apart of an organization that destroyed people's lives; that it was time to become the IRS (+) Hitman for the American People."

Since it is a prospective TV show, let's go to the video:

Awright! A family band of brothers (can you say post-adolescent wannabe Jonas boys?), a black motorcycle, a bluesy harmonica track under the bike's roar, sound bites of perceived IRS audit atrocities. Classic television!

Who could ask for more ... except maybe a runaway weather balloon?

The e-mail message I got noted that the show is seeking more narcissists taxpayers who need the IRS Hitman's self-promotion publicity help. If you're interested, the show's website has a casting link -- which, by referring to folks facing tax trouble as "cast members" rather than "clients" is a clue, to me anyway, as to what's important here.

However, if you really are in a tough spot with the IRS, I suggest you find a tax professional who doesn't want head shots along with your tax paperwork.

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Abraham Clark

I appreciate truth, but it seems that this show is nothing more than helping people to live under IRS fear a little more comfortably. I don't think "The IRS Hitman" has really had a change of heart, just a change of career. If he did he would be helping people be free from the fear, not submitting to it.

Fear makes people do insane and irrational things to cope/adapt to it. Such as ignore logic or reality.

If you want to see an example of this try asking a simple question like "what law makes the average US citizen liable to file a tax return and pay an income tax?" To many people this question is to be avoided/dodged/skirted etc at all costs as attempting to answer this question causes the fear in them to spike and they aren't capable of coping with that fear. So instaed of dealing with the question they would rather ignore/dodge it or make attacks of the messenger delivering the question.

The answer to this question? If you go look for yourself you won't find any such law, but for most people that doesn't matter. Fear is what matters and that is what decides for them.

I said that I appreciate truth, most people don't, unless it gets them what they want, and equally if believing a lie gets them what they want they go with that. Which group do you choose to be in?

Toni McIntyre, CPA, E. A.

While I find the concept interesting in light of what happened in Austin I'm not comfortable with the title.

don campbell

As the Producer & co creator of the IRS Hitman, I’d like to offer you a bit more information. First of all, I'm certain we never touted the show as... "beat the IRS."

A "casting cal" was sent out, looking for people (not clients) with real IRS tax problems and interested in being in a new reality tv show. The response was overwhelming. I was shocked by so many people in trouble with the country’s largest collection agency called the IRS.

There are no “actors” in the show, and no made up stories. The lives the IRS Hitman has gone on to help are real, & actual IRS cases. No Reenactments. These are actual people in peril of financial disaster. Tough to make that up.
Tune in on Sunday, June 6 and be prepare to be surprised.

Don Campbell
Reality TV with A Bullet:
The IRS (+) Hitman

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