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NJ flood victims get added tax time, too

Tax help for the final filing push

Finger_pointing to right April 15 is bearing down. If you haven't filed yet, be sure to check out our Daily Tax Tip. A new one is posted each weekday there to your right. You'll also find a link to the previous tips in case you missed a few or just want a refresher.

Just under the tips, you'll find our state tax links. And drop down just a smidge further for the link to Bankrate's Tax Guide, where you'll find some more of my tax advice.

Finger_pointing to left Also take a look to the left side of the page. The April Tax Moves calendar lives there (below the countdown clock), with links to helpful posts on things you need to take care of by the filing deadline and beyond.

And don't forget other April tax tasks you might face.

I've made this post "sticky," meaning it's going to live up here at the top of the page until April 15. But don't worry. I'll keep posting. At least one new tax item a day will show up just underneath here, so keep scrolling! 


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