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State tax tour is complete

I just did a double take when I realized that there's no state to blog about today. I wrapped up the Don't forget your state taxes! (yes, the headline had the exclamation point; I was, and still am, really excited by it!) project yesterday with Wyoming.

But having written a blurb about a state for 51 straight days -- the series began Feb. 23 with Alabama! -- and this being Tax Day and all, it didn't seem right to not to mention state taxes in some way. So here it is.

You can find the link to your state's official tax office Web site at, where else, State Tax Departments.

You can read about an interesting tax statute in your state at Complete menu of tasty tax tidbits.

And you can wander through all the postings that have, over the years, mentioned state and/or local taxes in this collection items. You can bet that as states continue to look for creative revenue raising options, this section of the blog will grow.

Plus, I wanted one more chance to use this humorous map of how Texans view the rest of the country!

Texans map of United States

Map from a calendar purchased at Marfa Book Company, Marfa, Texas. Click on image for a larger version (or here if it's not showing up in your browser).


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