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Nevada flag In addition to being a prime vacation destination, Las Vegas hosts hundreds of conventions, conferences and trade shows each year.

The influx of visitors definitely helps out the Silver State's treasury, and officials are determined to get every possible cent from the visitors.

If you're a vendor attending an event, tradeshow or convention in Sin City or elsewhere in Nevada, state tax collectors want you to know that you need to contact the event promoter to get your "one-time permit" to sell in the state.

And that selling means collecting state sales tax.

These temporary sellers must turn over whatever sales tax collected -- checks made payable to the Nevada Department of Taxation, please -- to the promoter at the end of the event.  

Think you're off the tax hook because you'll just be giving away samples at the trade show? Think again. Some vendors may not be aware, say Nevada revenue officials, that its use tax is due on tangible personal property that is given without charge and has significant value.

Tangible personal property, as defined by Nevada statutes,  means "personal property which may be seen, weighed, measured, felt or touched, or which is in any other manner perceptible to the senses."

These sales tax rules just go to show that it's never smart to gamble on a state's tax laws.

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Trade Show Displays

Taxes, just one more thing that is driving companies away from shows and hurting local economies. Hopefully vegas will keep this under control.

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