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Iowa tax tidbit: tuition & textbook credit

Iowa flag Iowa parents will want to take a look at line 48 of their tax returns. That's where they can claim the state's Tuition and Textbook Credit. 

This tax break is available to taxpayers with youngsters in grades kindergarten through 12 in an Iowa school. The credit is 25 percent of the first $1,000 paid for each dependent child's tuition and textbooks at an accredited school.

For the credit purposes, tuition means any charges for the expense of personnel, buildings, equipment and materials other than textbooks, as well as other costs that relate to the teaching of subjects legally and commonly taught in Iowa's public elementary and secondary schools.

But tuition does not include a school's charges for feeding, lodging, clothing or transporting your kids.

As for textbooks, the Hawkeye State recognizes books and other instructional materials used in teaching the same subjects covered under tuition.

Iowa, however, apparently appreciates well-rounded students. Fees, books and materials for some extracurricular activities also count toward the credit.

A list of what expenses are and are not eligible for the credit are found on pages 26 and 27 of the expanded instructions for the IA 1040 tax return.

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