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Come on in and get your tax freebies!

The American marketing machine is something to behold. With a gazillion special days, there are greeting cards and store sales and gimmicks galore that can be put to retail use for almost every day of the year.

Free-sign And Tax Day has quickly become a major opportunity for product tie-ins.

As in past years, Tax Day 2010 features lots of food freebies. But as I note in Take advantage of Tax Day freebies in my Taxes Blog for Bankrate, there are even some useful, actual tax-related giveaways today.

Update/Correction: There is no TGIFriday tax day special this year. My bad and my apologies.

Other blogs tracking today's tax specials include Alltop, Food2, Cheap Tweet Blog, taxgirl, Bargain Babe and Grocery Shop for Free.

If I (or we) have missed any Tax Day freebies, let me know, either in the comments here at the ol' blog or at my Taxes Blog or at both places!

Now I have to map out my afternoon excursion to take advantage of all these goodies!

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Walter Freed

Not a freebie, but something in honor of tax day! just launched a pair of "IRS Tax Extension Help Lines."
R-rated Version - 413-497-2057
PG Version - 631-403-2039

My accounting buddies and I got a huge laugh out of this!

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