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Win a tax-savvy iPod Touch

The dreaded T-Day, April 15, is bearing down. Have you done your taxes yet? Are you planning to tackle them yourself?

Then I've got just what you need. Tax help at your fingertips.

IPhone_HRB_Main_Menu Yeah, I know you already have that by surfing on over here to the ol' tax blog. And I really appreciate that.

But thanks to the folks at H&R Block, I can provide one lucky Don't Mess With Taxes reader another avenue for tax help: an iPod Touch loaded with the tax franchise's Tax Answers App.

The app will connect you to the Get It Right Community, which is manned by H&R Block tax professionals who will answer your specific tax questions. Answers will be sent directly to you typically within 24 hours.

You'll also be able to browse previously answered questions by topic, check out a tax lingo glossary and take a quiz to test your tax knowledge.

So how do you get your hands on this tax-savvy iPod Touch?

Since it's an iPod and once tax season is over (or before; I'm no fool!) you'll be using it, among other things, to listen to your favorite tunes, we're sticking with that audio theme for our giveaway.

Just leave a comment on this post telling us
who you listen to when it comes to tax advice and why.

Is it your mom? You cousin the CPA? That brainiac kid down the block? Maybe the guy in the next cubicle at work? Don't Mess With Taxes (of course!)?

Even though I can't win, I'll get the ball rolling. I listen to a former Ways and Means colleague because she's sharp as a tack and never makes me feel stupid when I ask a tax question. I'm talking about you, Maxine!

See, it's that simple. Just click on comments and tell us who has your ear at tax time.

Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address because I'll need it to get back in touch with the winner to find out where to send the iPod Touch.

Oh, yeah, about picking that winner. I'm going leave that to chance. The names of everyone who comments/enters will be thrown into an electronic hat and one winner randomly drawn.

When will that drawing take place? Sometime after noon Central Daylight Time next Monday, March 29.

There's a date stamp that's applied when a comment comes in even if I don't immediately get to it. That will be the final word on all comments/entries.

A few more rules: To make this all official here are a few more guidelines. And regular readers and contestants in my previous giveaways will notice some changes.

You can enter as many times as you want by leaving additional comments, but you'll have to tell us a new person each time. You can't just post, "Bill my accountant" 17 times.

If you've already won something from Don't Mess With Taxes earlier this year, no worries! I'm feeling as generous as a member of Congress writing tax law around election time. I want to give, give, give! So previous contest winners, come on down!

There's no age limit, but there is a residency requirement. The iPod will only go to U.S. residents. Sorry all my global readers, but since the app only covers American tax law queries, we want to make sure affected taxpayers get use of it.

Rude comments will be edited. Really rude comments will be deleted and deemed not eligible for the giveaway. My decision is final on this.

As with my earlier giveaways, I'm following this lawyer's suggestions for running contests. Obviously the names of the entrants will be available as public comments, but I'll also maintain the record of the random selection process in case anyone is interested.

Finally, I'm not getting anything from H&R Block or anyone associated with the tax preparation/software company except the opportunity to offer this iPod Touch to you, my wonderful readers.

Now get to commenting! And good luck! 


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My friend John is way more up-to-date on current tax matters; then I'll verify it here! :)


I also ask my good friend tax questions who is a CPA. I know he wouldn't steer me wrong.


My parents always used H&R Block so I use them as well and trust their tax advice


I start with the IRS website and when that doesn't provide useful information, I head to Don't Mess With Taxes.

Joe Schunk

Kiplinger Tax Letter, Enrolled Agent


As a last resort, or to double check what I think I know, I head to to see what they have to say there.


Sometimes, if I have a tax question that can be answered in 140, I ask some of the tax savvy twitter people I follow.


I turn to my family accountant Ed Robinson when I have a tax question. He has never steered me wrong.


My accountant, Victor,is amazing!


I believe in going to the source, so I prefer to look at IRS publications, the IRS website and when I get stuck, emailing the IRS.

Leiton Powell

I prepare taxes on the side. If run into something I am not familiar with, I will use a combination of the IRS website,, and the CPA who I used to work for and got me going with my own business. They have all been reliable resources to find answers and get the most refund for my clients.

Jayson is another place I head to for answers. There are a lot of knowledgable people there and the response time is pretty fast.


My neighbor is a tax manager at a big four firm; he's always full of helpful hints!


If google doesn't work, I consult with our tax director at my place of employment.


I usually check the IRS website or google as the first resort.

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