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North Carolina flag When 2010 rolled in, so did assessment of North Carolina's 5.75 percent state sales tax on certain digital property.

The new tax covers a wide range of digital material, whether delivered or accessed electronically by direct download or by entering a digital code. Covered items include podcasts, ring tones, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, reports, photographs and greeting cards.

In addition, certain electronically-delivered computer software is no longer exempt from sales tax. But there is a new exemption that includes computer software or digital property that becomes a component of other computer software or digital property that is part of a service.

As with other Tar Heel State sales taxes, there's a corresponding use tax if you buy a taxable digital property but don't pay the full tax at time of purchase.

If it was a business purchase, you must register with the North Carolina Department of Revenue to report and pay the tax due by filing Form E-500, Sales and Use Tax return. If it was personal purchase, report it on line 19 of Form D-400, your state income tax return.

And if you owe the digital property use tax for a personal purchase but aren't required to file an income tax return, file Form E-554, Consumer Use Tax Return.

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