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D.C. tax tidbit: special tax hurdles

My 'real' tax job

As much as I love writing this blog, my "real job" is contributing tax editor for the personal finance Web site

Skb at desk1 (2) I'm pretty partial to that, too, since I helped start the site's tax coverage back in October 1999. For almost six years, I worked out of the company's Florida office.

After two hurricanes figuratively blew the hubby and me back home to Texas in 2005, I've continued to keep a long-distance hand in Bankrate's tax doings. Yeah, that's me there to the right, working hard from home!

For a while now, I've been touting Bankrate's Daily Tax Tips, which I link to at the top right corner of the ol' blog's page. Today is our 38th tip; it's on tracking down your federal tax refund. If you missed one of the tips (they started on Jan. 5), I'm keeping a running list of them; that link's also in the right column.

Then there's the annual tax guide. New stories keep popping up there, like today's on 6 tax terrors and how to overcome them.

Finally, we have the state tax directory. This is a royal pain, as there are 50 states and Washington, D.C., that we cover and only one of me, who has other stories to write, a couple of blogs to update and time to spend screwing around online researching tax topics.

But Bankrate's state pages are now all updated, along with a handy clickable map to take you to the state tax info you want.

And don't worry. I'm still leading Don't Mess With Taxes' separate state tax tour, with a new state tax tidbit each day. You can see where in the U.S. state tax world we've been so far at the complete menu of tasty state tax tidbits.

I appreciate your patience in letting me digress a bit on how I spend my tax-writing time. But I think you'll find the info here at the ol' blog and Bankrate complement each other nicely.

Now it's back to surfing and Twittering work. I've more tips, some stories and of course blog posts (including a state tidbit and a Tax Carnival) to pull together. Later!

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