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Maryland tax tidbit: charitable checkoffs

Maryland flag For almost 20 years, the hubby and I called Maryland home. One of the many great things we loved about the Old Line State was how its residents cherish the Chesapeake Bay.

It's a wonderful estuary, with a ragged shoreline creating fabulous inlets and mini-bays that are home to fantastic wildlife. Then you've got the marshes that serve as beautiful buffers and additional habitat.

So every tax-filing season we took advantage of Maryland's checkoff program and gave some of our tax refund to the Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund. The check-box gift also supports the state's Wildlife and Heritage Service.

Heck, even in those years when we owed the state, we bumped up our bill a bit as a gift to the conservation groups.

It's easy to contribute this way. And it's a good reminder of how all qualified charitable gifts can help you the taxpayer, as well as your favorite nonprofit.

Gifts made via your Maryland state tax return to the Bay fund or the state's other tax-return-approved charity, the Maryland Cancer Fund, are tax deductible on your federal return (if you itemize) for the year the contribution was made.

That means donations made via checkoff this filing season will count as a 2010 IRS deduction next year.

To Maryland officials, good job! And to Maryland taxpayers, please consider giving a bit to a good cause at tax-filing time.

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I have never donated via tax filing, but I guess this is a simple way to donate if you do not do it on a regular basis. I prefer to choose the charity of my choice from a large group of charities.

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