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It's Thursday already!?! Time flies when you having tax fun ... or going mad trying to keep track of all that's going on during the tax filing season! 

Yeah, fun and busy. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it as to why I failed to mention earlier that the Carnival of Personal Finance #246 was posted on Monday over at Taking Charge.

Look at it this way. My little oversight meant you weren't swamped with financial info on the crazy first Monday of the month. And now you've got its good money advice to enjoy this last part of the week.

Among my Carnival favorites are:

  • InsureBlog's look at the surprising, and nasty, tax consequences your heirs could face if you die while there's no estate tax in place.  
  • The Red Stapler Chronicles' realization that when it comes to our money, most of us need psychological as well as mathematical advice. 
  • Miss Bankrupt's wonderful financial argument for taking a nap.

Oh yeah. Don't Mess With Taxes is partying at the Carnival, too, reminding you of the need for receipts, in many IRS-acceptable formats, when you make charitable donations.

So check out these and the many, many more fine personal finance postings in PF Carnival #246.

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